Thursday, May 22, 2008

Compare Mozilla Sunbird vs Active Desktop vs Windows Vista Calendar


today is 23rd May.....

I am going to write something on work management today...
As I am a computer guy I used software to manage my daily tasks.
I have tried a lot of software to do this job which includes Windows Vista Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and Active Desktop.

This three are worth discussing the remaining are not even worth discussing.
So, now I am going to compare Windows Vista Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and Active Desktop.

Let's start with Windows Vista Calendar, its good easy to use, but there are two things that created a problem. One with does not have integration with Thunderbird as thunderbird is not Microsoft product. (I use thunderbird as my email client instead of outlook) the second does not integrate to desktop.

Than come, Mozilla Sunbird which does not integrate with Thunderbird though both the things are from Mozilla; open source software. The Sunbird and thunderbird integration project is in progress but still didn't work for me. So, for me using Sunbird is not useful, as well as it does not integrate with your desktop well.

Now, about Active Desktop, till now I have written that none of the above software integrates with the desktop. Yes, to know more about what I mean you need to try Active Desktop. Its seamless integration with the Desktop is great!!! But it lacks the integration with the email clients, also now its interface is old, as it was create at the time of Windows 98.

So, finally after trying all this software today on the 23rd May 2008, I have written my tasks on a paper with a pen and I find it easy, really easy!!