Friday, October 3, 2008

All I ever wanted...

Somewhere, somehow I came across this video and liked it... so posting it here.. for you all guys to njoy!!!

Have fun!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gadhada Temple

Pictures of Gadhada Temple, located at about 200km from Ahmedabad. It has been the home to lord Swaminarayan. I often visit this place with my family. Have a look..
gadhada temple

another one...

gadhada temple

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I can ping the websites, but cannot browse them..

Once again I just messed up my computer...
as the title suggest I can ping the websites (tried with and but cannot browse them with my web browser.

I had this problem since a long time, the only solution that I had was to restart my computer, I know that it was due to my dns server. ;)

I tried to change my dns server ip and some time it worked, but I was sure this was not the solutions, so I googled it out.. and found that you can run the following commad and it will solve it out:

netsh winsock reset

So, I just tried it out, it will reset my tcp/ip stack, but that will require me to restart my computer..
I haven't restarted it yet.. but hope it works...
I will add my experience with it later... bcoz its 1:17am.. so I better go to sleep now.. bye..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quotes that I got in SMS

Irony of Life-

Shoes that we wear on FOOT are sold daily in air conditioned SHOW ROOMS


Vegetables we eat in daily Life r SOLD on foot paths!!!!

(at least in India.. :) )


Wat U'll do if 1day Whole World Wil b on 1Side & U On Opposite?

Simple.. Jus Turn back & U'll b d LEADER of the Whole World!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google released Chrome! but I didn't like it...


Recently google released Chrome, which I just tried, its a brand new web browser from Google.

I was pretty much excited about it.

Intially it seemed rocking... the designs were great, browsing was fast, easy to use and much more.

but it shows tumbnails of your most frequently visited nine pages when you open a new tab... I don't like this feature.. though it may be useful to others, but I don't want it.

And the problem is that I was not able to find any options to turn it off.
Finally I found one thing known as incognito which lets you browse without saving your history, but than again every time I open the browser I have to open a new incognito window and than do my browsing.. :(

The shortcut to incognito window is Ctrl+Shift+N which is difficult to remember, so I thought to change it to something else.. but could not find any options which allow me to change short cuts.. :(

So, finally, I returned to Firefox 3 just in few minutes...

Friday, August 29, 2008

What is Live Mesh?

Hey everyone!!

Just came around this thing, Live Mesh, so, just like you thought what would it be? What could it be?

So, I read a little bit about it, and came to know, that the concept sounds interesting.
It's a new concept coming from Microsoft after "popfly" (meshup).
I guess it’s similar to, but a little bit more functional.

For those who don't know what is, its a site that gives you an online storage like your mail account, you can store files, download it from whereever you are and can share it with friends.

Live Mesh seems to be like a combination of remote desktop, sharing folder over network and

The things that are added to this three are that you get every thing centralized and organized. One more thing that is added which gives it a little bit of social networking touch is that you can share files and folders with friends, and the Live Mesh will give you updates (news) about your Mesh, that is what has happened when you were not around here...

That’s it.. Have fun..

You can read more about it here:

Thanks for reading..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The right way to SMS!!


its been really a long time since I wrote anything for the web.

So, today I am writing about "how to send sms to your mobile device from the internet"

I kown every one is looking for free stuffs... so I haven't mentioned the word free in the above line, you can take it as granted... :)

One of the most realiable source that I am using since last one year is but it has a daily limit of 2 SMS, now may be increased to 4.

So, I was looking for a site that allows me to send as many as I want. And than I found which at the first impression seemed to be like a fraud site, full of adverts, but it worked...

And now they have done a renovation and the website looks cool, though they still have a lot of ads. But I like it, free SMS + frankfin beauties in the ads.. hehehe...

I have heard that also offers unlimited free SMS, but haven't tried it.

Also, any heard about Email2SMS, I am seeking the Email2SMS gateway for Airtel Gujarat, if any does find it, please mention it in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Hope you had fun reading it!!

Keep rocking!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Compare Mozilla Sunbird vs Active Desktop vs Windows Vista Calendar


today is 23rd May.....

I am going to write something on work management today...
As I am a computer guy I used software to manage my daily tasks.
I have tried a lot of software to do this job which includes Windows Vista Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and Active Desktop.

This three are worth discussing the remaining are not even worth discussing.
So, now I am going to compare Windows Vista Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and Active Desktop.

Let's start with Windows Vista Calendar, its good easy to use, but there are two things that created a problem. One with does not have integration with Thunderbird as thunderbird is not Microsoft product. (I use thunderbird as my email client instead of outlook) the second does not integrate to desktop.

Than come, Mozilla Sunbird which does not integrate with Thunderbird though both the things are from Mozilla; open source software. The Sunbird and thunderbird integration project is in progress but still didn't work for me. So, for me using Sunbird is not useful, as well as it does not integrate with your desktop well.

Now, about Active Desktop, till now I have written that none of the above software integrates with the desktop. Yes, to know more about what I mean you need to try Active Desktop. Its seamless integration with the Desktop is great!!! But it lacks the integration with the email clients, also now its interface is old, as it was create at the time of Windows 98.

So, finally after trying all this software today on the 23rd May 2008, I have written my tasks on a paper with a pen and I find it easy, really easy!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Firefox community support rockz!!


recently I have posted a bug report on Firfox's (my favorite browsers) bugzilla site.

First I though that it would be poorly supported as it is free, but no.. they are active.. and we are try to solve the bug.. this seems to be great..

I am happy to be part of the firefox community.. :)

happyhardik.. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Problem with Bookmarks toolbar in firefox

Hey everyone!

Recently I faced a problem with Firefox (My favorite browser).
My bookmarks tool bar became blank after I downloaded certain addons.

After a long time I was looking at the addons for firefox and it was great.
I downloaded a few of them, but than when I restarted my firefox the bookmarks toolbar had a problem. All the buttons on it disappeared.
I had a look in the Bookmarks menu > Bookmarks Toolbar Folder and everything was there, so I was certain that there was problem with my bookmarks toolbar.

I have thinking about it I tried something to solve this problem out.
And here is what work for me:
Click on start (only for windows users)
than search for firefox (for vista users)
than select Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) (if you use some other operating system than you need to find out this safe mode option your self, but its easy.)

Than a small menu will open with few options. (remember first shutdown firefox and than perform this steps, or else it wont work and shutdown means close all the firefox windows)
In that menu select the option that says reset all the toolbars and save and continue.
And than (dance!) problems solved.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After utrayan

Hey every1,

Today is 15th Jan night... utrayan has ended.

Utrayan is one of my favorite festival.
And for those who don't know what utrayan is, it is a kite flying festival celebrated (mainly) in state of Gujarat, India.

This utrayan, I had all my cousins at my home.. and we flied a lot of kites.

I have noticed a lot of changes in way we celebrate utrayan, years back we just used to get on the terrace and fly some kites, try to cut each others kite and shout "kade".

Now a days we shout "lappet", but this is not a major change, the major change is that people don't want to end up the celebrations, so people had started to lit up fire on their trace to enjoy camp fire, than the trend changed to lighting up crackers, firstly people used to lit up the old crackers that they have saved or are being left out in diwali(another festival, comes in novemeber, we lit up fire crackers) but now a days people specially purchase new crackers for utrayan.

Also, people bring music systems on terrace to enjoy music with kite flying and in the evening this systems help in converting the terrace into dance floor. Yes, I have seen people dancing...

Overall, we all gurjartis enjoy this festival a lot..
Hope you also enjoyed.. :)