Sunday, September 21, 2008

I can ping the websites, but cannot browse them..

Once again I just messed up my computer...
as the title suggest I can ping the websites (tried with and but cannot browse them with my web browser.

I had this problem since a long time, the only solution that I had was to restart my computer, I know that it was due to my dns server. ;)

I tried to change my dns server ip and some time it worked, but I was sure this was not the solutions, so I googled it out.. and found that you can run the following commad and it will solve it out:

netsh winsock reset

So, I just tried it out, it will reset my tcp/ip stack, but that will require me to restart my computer..
I haven't restarted it yet.. but hope it works...
I will add my experience with it later... bcoz its 1:17am.. so I better go to sleep now.. bye..

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