Sunday, August 17, 2008

The right way to SMS!!


its been really a long time since I wrote anything for the web.

So, today I am writing about "how to send sms to your mobile device from the internet"

I kown every one is looking for free stuffs... so I haven't mentioned the word free in the above line, you can take it as granted... :)

One of the most realiable source that I am using since last one year is but it has a daily limit of 2 SMS, now may be increased to 4.

So, I was looking for a site that allows me to send as many as I want. And than I found which at the first impression seemed to be like a fraud site, full of adverts, but it worked...

And now they have done a renovation and the website looks cool, though they still have a lot of ads. But I like it, free SMS + frankfin beauties in the ads.. hehehe...

I have heard that also offers unlimited free SMS, but haven't tried it.

Also, any heard about Email2SMS, I am seeking the Email2SMS gateway for Airtel Gujarat, if any does find it, please mention it in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Hope you had fun reading it!!

Keep rocking!

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