Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After utrayan

Hey every1,

Today is 15th Jan night... utrayan has ended.

Utrayan is one of my favorite festival.
And for those who don't know what utrayan is, it is a kite flying festival celebrated (mainly) in state of Gujarat, India.

This utrayan, I had all my cousins at my home.. and we flied a lot of kites.

I have noticed a lot of changes in way we celebrate utrayan, years back we just used to get on the terrace and fly some kites, try to cut each others kite and shout "kade".

Now a days we shout "lappet", but this is not a major change, the major change is that people don't want to end up the celebrations, so people had started to lit up fire on their trace to enjoy camp fire, than the trend changed to lighting up crackers, firstly people used to lit up the old crackers that they have saved or are being left out in diwali(another festival, comes in novemeber, we lit up fire crackers) but now a days people specially purchase new crackers for utrayan.

Also, people bring music systems on terrace to enjoy music with kite flying and in the evening this systems help in converting the terrace into dance floor. Yes, I have seen people dancing...

Overall, we all gurjartis enjoy this festival a lot..
Hope you also enjoyed.. :)


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